Professional Guidance For Office And Commercial Cleaning

An office can only be as productive and successful as it is clean. Think of that. No one enjoys working in an untidy, messed up office; even visitors and clients will be instantly put off by a dirty office or commercial building.  A messy working table with yesterday’s coffee mugs still there, an overflowing office waste bin, shredded papers littering the floor, and an even messier kitchen; all these are not only a hindrance to productivity, they also pose serious health risks. Here at EOT Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves in helping offices and commercial buildings across London to keep their premises clean and tidy at all times. We are experienced, we have the skills, we have the personnel, and you can never go wrong with us.

  • When it comes to the professional cleaning of offices and commercial property, the first thing we advise clients is on the need to put safety first. Thus, if there are floors to be mopped or bathrooms and kitchens tiles to be scrubbed and cleaned, electrivi9ty should be off. Most people tend to ignore this rule, but we always prioritize it.
  • Secondly, take note of all the delicate items that may easily get damaged. These include LCD screens, and other electronics that can fall over and get damaged. Once these are taken care of, start by cleaning surfaces. Clear tables of any waste papers and unwanted items, shelves and cabinet tops should also be cleared of any dirt and dust.
  • Once you’ve taken care of the surfaces, you can now proceed to the floor, Different floors require different cleaning methods and this is why it is important to have a professional company by your side. Wooden floors are especially sensitive, as are granite floors; they need to be scrubbed thoroughly in order to bring out their true allure. When cleaning the floors, always start with the farthest rooms coming towards the exit. Office waste bins have to be emptied and washed, before being put back in the office.
  • As an office owner or manager, always request your employees to step out or go to another room in order to let the cleaners do their job. Some floors may need time to dry up and besides, it is bad manners to simply lift your legs to allow the cleaner mop the floor; the best thing is to excuse them for a while, and return once the place is clean and well dried up.
  • EOT Cleaning Services ensures that all the clearance teams we send are DBS checked and insured. This means that when you hire us, you got no reason to worry about losing a thing or incurring any losses whatsoever. We also observe strict levels of integrity and professionalism when working in big offices, small offices, new commercial buildings, old ones, and so on so forth. Our professionalism is our strength; our affordability is your advantage. And also you can now book end of tenancy cleaners online.


For more tips on professional guidance for office and commercial cleaning, talk to our customer care team today.

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