5 Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Premature Ageing Of Your Tyres

While all car tyres get worn out after a period of time, we often contribute in slowing or hastening this process. Like the term suggests, this premature ageing of your tyres can be managed or avoided only if you are keen enough. At TyreServ, we desire to not just serve you, but also try and help you save as much as you can, at least in tyre replacements. See the below tips;


  1. Protect your tyres; always drive carefully; and avoid careless habits like harsh braking as it exceedingly causes wear on the tyres, hence reducing the quality life of the tyres. Secondly, try and prevent dry rot that is caused by a car staying for too long without been driven. The tyres are affected by UV rays that cause cracking. Wheel covers can be used to protect the tyres from UV rays; better still, the car should be driven at least once or twice a month to prevent the dry rot. The tyres should be cleaned with mild soap and water to remove dirt and dust. It is necessary to rinse them properly with water to prevent reactions of the soap elements.
  2. Constantly check tyre pressure; this can be done by use of a pressure gauge. A quick reminder though; tyre pressure is best checked when then tyres are cool. Different tires which you can see at TyreServ website are the best examples.
  3. Check tread depth; the depth of the tread should be constantly and keenly checked for uneven wear. Keeping a constant eye on your tyre’s tread depth is your surest bet towards having to replace the entire tire prematurely
  4. Quality tyres; at a time when cheap and fake tyres are all over the market, TyreServ always emphasizes on the need to use quality and reputable brands of tyres. Always purchase tyres from reputable dealers. It’s better to spend more on a quality tyre, than spend less on a tyre that will start giving you problems after a few months.
  5. Rotation of wheels; Tyre rotation is vital in helping ensure the even wear of the tyres. It should be done regularly, mostly after the car has covered miles that have been specified by the manual.
  • Rotation helps in improving the performance and life expectancy of your tyres.



For under exploitation of your tyres, the above practices should be adhered to hence preventing premature ageing of your tyres.

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