How To Teach Your Young Daughter To Look After Diamond Jewellery

look after your jewellery

At every point in a woman’s life, she wants to own a diamond. Whether she is younger or older, this fascinating and beautiful stone has always captivated the eye of a woman. Whether it’s your daughter’s birthday or there is another celebration in order, getting her a diamond is one of the ultimate gifts.

Not only will it last a lifetime but its value will grow for years to come as it gets passed down through the generations. There are so many benefits of a diamond piece of jewellery to your teenage daughter. It is important to bear in mind however, it is unlike jewellery she has received before. If you want her to care for it properly, it’s best to give her the tips outlined in this article.

We will discuss some of the most effective ways to care for and store diamond jewellery so your daughter can care for it properly. At the same time, if you wish to buy her first precious stone, consider looking for diamonds for sale Sydney shops are offering as well as those from Australian diamond importers.

Teaching Your Teenage Daughter How To Care For Diamond Jewellery


There are several things one can do to maintain the diamond and keep it in pristine condition for years to come. Once you get your teenage daughter her diamond, make sure you tell her these practical points.

  1. Store it separately – you don’t want to store diamond rings or necklaces with other items as they may scratch and chip. If you wish, get her a lined case with soft material where she will store the diamond. Alternatively, soft tissue will also do the trick to keeping the diamond safe.


  1. Keep an eye on it – see the setting and observe it frequently to ensure it’s in place and secure. If the prongs loosen at all, this puts the diamond at risk of falling out.
  2. Send for annual repairs – for general long-term maintenance, it is good practice to get your ring or necklace maintained by a professional once a year. This way they will be able to clean it properly with all the right materials and substances needed whilst performing any work needed.
  1. Keep it away from harmful chemicals – oils, hairspray, household cleaning items and more can potentially cause diamonds to lose their sparkle. If you want to preserve the natural shine of this precious stone, be mindful to remove when doing clearing or other activities that could potentially damage it. Bleach, in particular, can really damage diamonds and the material of the ring so be wary of this harmful substance.
  2. Don’t handle it often – it’s best to touch the diamond as little as possible as even the oils from your skin can change the way it sparkles over time.
  1. Use a soft toothbrush – when your young daughter chooses to clean it herself, encourage her to use a soft toothbrush for the diamond. This will ensure it gets in the cracks of the prongs whilst remaining gentle. 

These tips will help your young daughter care for her diamond in the best way possible.

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