Cost of 4 EE mobile booster

Cost Breakup of EE Mobile Booster

If you’re in the market for a reliable EE booster, you may be curious about how deep in your pocket you may have to dig to procure their services. No one wants to pay huge amounts of cash only to experience little or no improvement in their phone reception. The good thing here is that the EE mobile services provider has a worldwide reputation to uphold. For this reason, you can expect excellent services and quick help whenever the need arises.

But enough with all the talk, you are here because you want to know the exact costs of an EE signal booster. So without further ado, here’s a detailed cost breakdown.

  • Calls to other UK mobile numbers will cost you 65p per minute
  • Calls to any landline will cost you 65p per minute. Note that areas like Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey are exempt from this standard rate
  • Sending text messages to other UK phone numbers cost 16p per message
  • To retrieve voice mail, you will pay 65p per minute
  • To retrieve picture messages, you will pay 65p
  • Any calls to a customer service center are free. Note that this only applies if you call the customer care center during working hours
  • To divert a call, you will be charged according to different criteria and not by the standard call prices
  • Calls to charities and helplines are free of charge
  • When traveling to other countries where the EE network is available, you will be subject to different, non-standard charges when making phone calls or sending texts.Cost breakup of Modem

Additional Disclaimers

The EE mobile booster offers different plans to its customers. Depending on your preferences or budget, you can either choose a mobile data monthly plan, a 12-month plan, an 18-month plan or a 24-month plan. You could also go for a shared plan or pay as you go plan.

Whichever plan you choose, it is wise to know that the rates detailed above are restricted to people in the UK only. This includes calls made or received in Northern Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland.

What separates the EE mobile phone signal booster from other networks’ boosters is the fact that you get a pack data allowance. This data allowance continues to grow as you use the EE signal booster. In this case, if your data allowance at your initial subscription is 1GB, it automatically increases to 1.5GB in three months. In a nutshell, you are awarded an additional 500Mbs allowance every three months.

If you aren’t interested in data allowance, you can opt to get the allowance in the form of texts or minutes. Whichever choice you make, you are always assured value for your money with an EE phone signal booster.


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