June 17, 2024

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The Dangers Of Hidden Water Leaks In Your Home


Water damage is one of the worst forms of damage that your home can ever experience. It drives down the value of your property, not to mention the numerous health hazards that it poses. In most cases, the damage can be caused by a blocked or burst pipe, floods and so on.

But at times, the leak may be more subtle and hidden. Hidden leaks are the worst because they are hard to notice. By the time you realize that your wall has been leaking, too much damage has been done.  In extreme scenarios, the building may have to be put down or reinforced.  Luckily, there are some reputable companies that offer professional leak detection services. With such services, you can be able to detect and repair such hidden leaks.

The dangers of hidden leaks in buildings can’t be ignored.  They include;

  • Nothing drives down the value of your property than signs of water damage. Water damage can compromise your negotiating power as the unsightly signs of damage are hard to hide. By detecting hidden water leaks early, you are able to come up with solutions before it’s too late.
  • Fungal growth and molds are always attracted to wet and damp walls. If a water leak is left to go on for long, the fungi and moulds may thrive and pose a clear health hazard to your family. From coughing, sneezing, allergies and breathing problem, the effects of dampness in the house are known. It becomes even worse when one has a preexisting condition or with small babies whose immunity is still low.
  • Hidden leaks also cause material damages worth a lot of money. When water leaks through your walls or ceiling, it tends to form large patches. Anything within its path gets damaged. This includes wallpapers, wall hangings, the ceiling, wood, and much more. Even when the leak is happening from the floor, carpets and rugs will get damaged in the long-term.
  • You can’t ignore the structural damage caused by hidden water leaks in any building. When dry walls soak in water from leaky pipes, they swell and lose their compatibility. Beams and other vital pillars may be particularly susceptible to structural damage if exposed to water leaks for long. The earlier you detect such leaks and get them repaired, the better for you.
  • Hidden water leaks can also pose a danger to your building when water comes in touch with electricity. Remember, most of the electrical wiring in homes is done underground or inside walls. Accidents can quickly happen when a hidden water leak escalates and the water leaks to the wiring cables. Water and electricity never go together. Get that water leak detected early and stopped from leaking or dripping water in unwanted places.

ADI-Leak-DetectionGet in touch with ADI for all your water leak detection services in the UK. They use the latest technology to detect and pinpoint hidden water leaks with accuracy and precision. Most hidden water leaks are hard to detect with the naked eye. But with ADI Leak detection services superior technology and equipment, no area is too hard for us to reach, no leak too subtle to be detected.

Call ADL Leak Detection now on mobile via 0333 200 5443. You can also get to the via our toll-free number 0800 731 3843. The engineers and professional plumbers are always on standby 24/7. They always keep time. No delays, no excuses, you can always rely on us to keep time. They are the real pros of finding hidden water leaks in buildings and getting them fixed.

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