What Is GDPR Compliance?

The GDPR Compliance is a big topic these days and business owners in the UK are searching on the web what is GDPR?

There are over 110,000 searches for the word “GDPR” so we did some research about it and wanted to cover the topic.

Below GDPR Compliance Webinar 2018 done by Fernando and Logesh Kumar from ClickDo explains what is GDPR and – What You Should Know!

Also, you can read the story on the ClickDo.co.uk website.

When it comes to GDPR implementation, there are some development work to be done on a business website. If you check the www.clickdo.co.uk you can see how they have implemented the privacy policies and information about the cookie policies.

Also if you check the contact forms you can see how that’s implemented by Nuwan Lakshan from ClickDo Solutions

You can listen to the below video that shows you everything about:

GDPR Compliance Implementation for Business Websites

Hope you got an idea now what’s GDPR and why you must implement the Compliance on your business website.

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