What is a hardware wallet?


A hardware wallet is a wallet that stores bitcoin and over cryptocurrencies “offline”. The wallets private keys are stored on a device along with the coins, the device is similar to a USB stick. The biggest security feature of these devices is that they are not connected to the computer (all the time) so people are not able to hack into a device. They also don’t have an email and password that needs to be entered on the PC, you use a security pin that’s type in via the device. So not only does a hacker need to have the device they need the security pin also.


  • Manual conformation of all transaction
  • Only connected to the PC when you want to send a payment
  • Can receive
  • Private pin to access the device
  • Doesn’t allow software to be installed to the device (a virus can’t be uploaded to the device)
  • Works on all modern versions Mac IOS & Windows.

What if I lose the device?

If you were ever to lose the device, you will be able to restore all the coins easily. When setting up the device you are given a 24-word recovery phrase. This recovery phrase you will write down on a piece of paper and keep it hidden in a safe or lock box etc. however, DON’T LOSE THIS! If you lose this recovery phrase you will not be able to restore the coins if the device is ever lost or stolen.


We recommend buying a hardware wallet to keep bitcoin secure over a long period of time. If you are going to be daily trading all your bitcoin then a hardware wallet wouldn’t work for you. Your coins would most likely would be in the wallet on whatever online exchange you are using.

By Connor Sanders at ClickDo Ltd.

Professional Guidance For Office And Commercial Cleaning

An office can only be as productive and successful as it is clean. Think of that. No one enjoys working in an untidy, messed up office; even visitors and clients will be instantly put off by a dirty office or commercial building.  A messy working table with yesterday’s coffee mugs still there, an overflowing office waste bin, shredded papers littering the floor, and an even messier kitchen; all these are not only a hindrance to productivity, they also pose serious health risks. Here at EOT Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves in helping offices and commercial buildings across London to keep their premises clean and tidy at all times. We are experienced, we have the skills, we have the personnel, and you can never go wrong with us.

  • When it comes to the professional cleaning of offices and commercial property, the first thing we advise clients is on the need to put safety first. Thus, if there are floors to be mopped or bathrooms and kitchens tiles to be scrubbed and cleaned, electrivi9ty should be off. Most people tend to ignore this rule, but we always prioritize it.
  • Secondly, take note of all the delicate items that may easily get damaged. These include LCD screens, and other electronics that can fall over and get damaged. Once these are taken care of, start by cleaning surfaces. Clear tables of any waste papers and unwanted items, shelves and cabinet tops should also be cleared of any dirt and dust.
  • Once you’ve taken care of the surfaces, you can now proceed to the floor, Different floors require different cleaning methods and this is why it is important to have a professional company by your side. Wooden floors are especially sensitive, as are granite floors; they need to be scrubbed thoroughly in order to bring out their true allure. When cleaning the floors, always start with the farthest rooms coming towards the exit. Office waste bins have to be emptied and washed, before being put back in the office.
  • As an office owner or manager, always request your employees to step out or go to another room in order to let the cleaners do their job. Some floors may need time to dry up and besides, it is bad manners to simply lift your legs to allow the cleaner mop the floor; the best thing is to excuse them for a while, and return once the place is clean and well dried up.
  • EOT Cleaning Services ensures that all the clearance teams we send are DBS checked and insured. This means that when you hire us, you got no reason to worry about losing a thing or incurring any losses whatsoever. We also observe strict levels of integrity and professionalism when working in big offices, small offices, new commercial buildings, old ones, and so on so forth. Our professionalism is our strength; our affordability is your advantage. And also you can now book end of tenancy cleaners online.


For more tips on professional guidance for office and commercial cleaning, talk to our customer care team today.

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How to Secure Your Home from Potential Thieves

Over the years, burglary has continued to decline in homes. However, it is always important to ensure that you are always safe and secure from potential thieves. You never know when they may decide to rob your home; therefore, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Here is how to secure your home from potential thieves.

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  • Invest in Good Home Security
    • Buy Good Locks

Deadbolt locks are the best locks to get for your home security. These locks are difficult to crack and may require some time and a bit of expertise to work around. Thieves don’t like things that take too much of their time. They like simple solutions. If they realize that you have a difficult lock to crack, they are more likely to pass your home for the next easy target.

  • Get a Home Safe

If you have valuables that you very well know may attract thieves, buy a home safe as soon as possible. Even if they go past your door lock, it may be difficult for them to get into the safe easily. This is an additional safety level that is worth investing in to keep your valuable possessions and important documents safe from intruders. Also you should have proper lighting designing for homes done at your home by SOS Electricals.

  • Own a Dog

Owning a dog as a security measure is a proven method to ensure safety for your home. It will take thieves more time to plan a robbery in a home that has a dog as compared to one that is dog free. What’s more, large dogs are quite intimidating in appearance. When they bark, it is also hard to ignore their strong pitches. Nevertheless, even a small dog does a good job with keeping you safe from thieves.


Investing in quality home security options is a good way to keep your home safe from thieves. However, to ensure that you are always protected always check that all the windows and doors in your home are locked before you go to sleep.

By ITCC Locksmiths

Best SEO training courses in London, UK

Search engine optimisation is becoming very much in demand in 2017. Every local business in UK needs it to get maximum visibility on the web for their business.

It’s highest in demand skill in the London. If you are a business owner or works at a local business, statup, you know how important is search engine marketing. But there are very companies, consultant who knows how to effectively rank a business website on search engines without spoiling the business domain.

So We want look at why SEO important and what you can do about it?

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The problem most companies in London, has is there are so many people who says they offer SEO, but rarely ranked their website or knows how to effectively budge business website on a search engine.

So in 2017 it’s vital you either hire the best seo consultants, company you can hire or get your in-house staff trained to do SEO for your business website. You can look at the web for people who does provide SEO training courses in London, but make sure you really does your homework to understand if those people have rank anything at all on the web.

It’s content marketing done right that helps your business website ranks and stay at places where your website gets clicks that can turn into business.

You can also read article about SEO on websites like Search engine journal, search engine land and also on ClickDo SEO blog.

Also check the WordPress courses in London.

How To Be A Top Dentist

Thinking of becoming a dentist? And not just a dentist, but a top dentist? Well, being a top dentist is a combination of many factors, rather than just one. It is more than just attending the best dental school around. It’s more than just being passionate, or excelling in class. Sure, these elements are important. But by and large, being a top dentist is also about being aggressive in marketing yourself, offering good, affordable services, keeping yourself abreast with technology and other advancements, etc. In that regard, you’ll need to look at your job as one that needs to be marketed, promoted, and communicated to anyone that would require dental services that you’re offering.

  • Once you’ve qualified and graduated from the dental school, you can either decide to get employed in a hospital, or decide to start an own dental clinic. If you have the resources and the will, private dental practice is always more lucrative and rewarding. Besides, it helps you build your brand or reputation as you wish to. This may not be possible if you’re employed.
  • The second tip to becoming a top dentist lies in offering quality, affordable services. Only when patients know that at your clinic, they’ll get treated fully, and without paying an arm and a leg; only when they are assured of such will they throng to your clinic. Overcharging patients only gives your competitors an edge over you.
  • It also makes much sense to keep yourself abreast with what technological advancements are coming you in the dentistry world. Rather than the traditional metal gongs dentists would use when tapping teeth to find out which tooth was hollow or decayed(which scared patients); dentists are today using computerized 3D imaging to point out such teeth. Embracing technology will surely take you to the top, as most patients will always opt for a dental clinic that offers the best services.

Angel Smile Private Dentist Islington N1

#1 Local Business Marketing in UK

If you are local business in Uk, you need to get your business marketed! So whom should your hire and where should your be looking at for local business marketing?

See the below video by Stuart Anthony At ClickDo Ltd. where he talks about the ClickDo Ltd. digital marketing skills. When you see that video you will understand who authentic marketers does the work.

So if you are looking to market your local business in UK, now you know who you should be getting in touch with as always.

How To Encourage Your Kids To Be Professional Photographers From An Early Age

We’ve all heard of examples of people who grew up, were forced by their parents to study a certain course, only for them to drop out, or complete the course, and pursue their passions later in life. Well, this happens each day; we mostly want our children to be doctors, pilots, engineers, accountants, but view photography and other hobby driven careers as not so important! Yet, things have greatly changed today. Most of us belong to a generation that grew up watching Cartoon on TV; today’s generation is playing video games, and playing with their parent’s Smartphones. The internet is full of viral videos of babies recorded on camera doing all manner of funny things. Now, truth is that today’s child is being exposed to photography at a much earlier age;

  • You probably grew up at a time when children and adults would all pose for a photo, and be crammed into one shot taken by an analogue camera that used Kodak Film. Today’s child knows how to take a selfie on phone, how to pose, smile, and press the button at the right moment.
  • Out of these innocent selfies, many children have shown an appetite for learning more about commercial photography and taking it up fulltime. The worst thing you can do as a parent is to discourage a child from such! If the child is showing signs of being keen and precise when taking photos, even waiting for the right moment before taking that shot, then you should meet them halfway and encourage them to keep doing that.
  • You can find a way to have the child balance between his or her school work, and also pursuing photography as a passion. As they get older, you can buy them a small digital camera to start with. You can also guide them by helping them understand where their interest lies; there’s nature photography, wildlife photography, photojournalism photography, and so on so forth.
  • Lastly, you can enroll your child to photography courses and tutorials; these can be done online. Have them for instance hook up with https://www.nunzioprenna.co.uk/blog/. Here, they are likely to learn from the pros in photography, and access all the material that they’d require to polish and take their passion to new heights.


Remember, you have a responsibility as a parent to nurture the passions and hobbies of your child, including in photography.